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Annoucement of domain change


Dear valued customers, investors and partners,


VietFund Management would like to announce our changing of email domain as below:


From 20/11/2016, VFM will change the email domain from to The change of email domain followed by website address is our purpose to ensure the consistence of VFM brand image across all forms of communications which is ,therefore, more convenient for customers, investors and partners to remember. We would appreciate if you could update the new VFM email domain in your own contact book.


Example: will be changed to


From 20/11/2016 to 20/2/2017, all emails sent to VFM  via and will be replied automatically by VFM to announce about the change of domain.


VFM still keeps the old domain until 30/6/2017 so that you can have enough time to update in your contact book. Within this period, emails sent to can still reach VFM’s Inbox.


After 30/6/2017, VFM will deactivate the old domain and only receive emails via


We hope that you will pay attention to this very important change and update as soon as possible.


Respectfully yours,