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VFM offers a wide range of products from equity balanced, blue chips, bond investment to ETF with focus in domestic market. All of our funds are constructed from catching the different tastes and expectation of investors which we have experienced during our long time of operation.

Open-End Funds

Open-End funds of VFM focus into industry leading and high quality stocks, bonds and currency instruments in Vietnam.

Exchange-traded Fund

VFM is operating the first and best performing domestic ETF of Vietnam market.

Portfolio Management

Following the successful management of public funds, VFM continues to offer new service which is Discretionary Portfolio Management. This is a unique financial service which was deployed in 2008 to serve the particular investment requirements of each client.

VFM is the only fund management company in Vietnam to operate the largest number of equity funds. We constantly research the market and investors' demand to build more specific products in the coming time which help consolidate our core competency and leading position.

up coming fund products

pension fund

Corporate pensions may emerge after 2014 once a tax-exempt testing schemes are set up; Government pensions may privatize in 2015-20.

real estate investment fund

VFM & Dragon Capital has set up real estate investment fund, focus on trading and managing the commercial real estate property .