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An Introduction of VietFund Management (VFM)

Overview of the pioneering domestic fund management company with leading managed total assets


The leading fund management company in Vietnam

VFM is the leading domestic fund management company with largest asset under management in Vietnam and preferred choice of investors.


To build Trust and Value

Our mission is to build Trust and bring our customers trustworthy investment solutions so that every single amount is value for money. We consistently spend all efforts in assuring investment efficiency via research competency, professionalism, integrity with our strong commitment to respect business culture, creativity and responsibility. We aim to serve all type of customers with diversified and effective financial services.


Long term and stable growth by consistency

Our philosophy is to deliver long term growth by consistently apply a value investing philosophy in all market conditions and to every portfolio we manage. We believe that to maximize performance is a result of identifying and purchasing of securities trading at discounts to their true value. Our commitment is to exceed our clients’ expectations, in terms of both performance and service. We are dedicated to deliver superior investment results to maintain a long term relationship with clients. By focusing on our core disciplines, responsibilities and client interests, we preserve the integrity of our investment process. Our client's interests remain our top priority.


Efficiency from people competency

As the first and pioneering domestic fund management company in Vietnam, VFM has proven its outstanding investment competency and unparalleled market insight, which have been manifested through the annual fund performance and AUM growth at leading positions in Vietnam market over the years. We have a professional investment and research team with credited background and achievements in the industry and strong leadership team who have largely involved with Vietnam securities market from the early days. Equity investment is our core business based on the international standard of work ethics and strict internal audit process. Besides our research and analysis of industry, market, companies, etc. we also connect investors to investees to create a strong strategic network and support companies in restructuring financial operation, improving competitive capacity, enhancing management system to grow their value which is also VFM’s interest.


Most diversified product suit in Vietnam market

VFM offers a wide range of products from equity balanced, blue chips, bond investment to ETF with focus in domestic market. All of our funds are constructed from catching the different tastes and expectation of investors which we have experienced during our long time of operation. Since 2013, VFM converted all of our equity funds to open ended to increase accessibility for both types of investors: private and institutional.

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Biggest total assets

With the initial raised capital of VND300 billion for VF1 in 2004, after the capital raising and establishment of new funds, the total assets under VFM’s management has reached USD 200 Millions (in 2010). We also plan to mobilize new capitals through new financial products and services applying new updated legal framework in the future.